Top 5 Best Selling Bicycle Pumps

We tested five of the top selling bicycle pumps in five different categories that we believe make the difference, if you are deciding to buy the best bike pump for your needs: design, comfort, portability, durability and last but not least, ease of use.

1. Design

Coming in with a great score in this category is, not surprising, the Lezyne Alloy floor pump. The guys from Lezyne constantly provide a clean, modern look, a very important feature when designing their stunning products, and the Alloy isn’t any exception to this rule. It really is minimal simplicity at its very best. An anodized high-polish finish makes this pump stylish and durable. The sleek, wooden handles are uncommon and although the hose is pretty long (130 cm), it fastens directly into position in such a manner that it keeps it perfectly flush with the body of the pump, making the Lezyne Alloy Floor Drive Pump the most streamlined from the group.

bicycle pump

2. Comfort

The Topeak Joe Blow Sport II scored a perfect 10 here. It has an extra long hose with 360 degree pivot and molded plastic handles, that actually made a great difference when we used it repeatedly. More challenging on the wrists and hands were the solid wood handles of the Lezynes.

bicycle pump 1
Ease and comfort are also necessary when you consider a pump’s height, as we discovered with the Serfas TCPG. While the TCPG bike pump features great handles, it’s a relatively small floor pump, which meant that we were bent over more when using this model. Perfect for travel, but not as nice as the taller Pedro’s Prestige or the Joe Blow.

3. Portability

One of the lightest and smallest models that we tested was the Serfas TCPG and it was also great for travel. This bicycle pump tucks easily into cars, tents, and also in bags. In addition to its modest dimension, it is tough enough to handle all this travel. Although it is not one of the smallest or lightest, the Lezyne Sport Drive is also great for travel due to the sleek, self-contained design and style. The hose remains securely in position, and the gauge dial is actually sturdy enough in order to withstand getting tossed into a vehicle together with all your other equipment.

bicycle pump 2

4. Durability

Fortunately, you have many choices here in the collection that we tested, with almost all products scoring pretty well in the sturdiness and durability category. Some standouts are, once again, the Topeak Joe Blow and the Lezyne models – Alloy and Sport. All three of these bicycle pumps endured inflation after inflation, getting thrown in and out of the cars for road trips, and some minor bumps and spills. Their gauge needles continued to be accurate, the hoses flexible, and the bodies ding-free. Other top performers are the Serfas FP-200 and the Blackburn Air Tower.

bicycle pump 3

5. Ease of use

This was our heaviest weighted classification for testing, and includes all the aspects that may make you think positively, or better yet, not think at all, about using your bicycle pump. How easy is it to read the gauge? How stable is the base? Does it seal properly onto the tire valve? All of these aspects come in the ease of use category, and all eventually contribute to exactly how easily and quickly the pump will inflate.

bicycle pump 1The winner in this category was the Topeak Joe Blow Sport II, with the Lezyne Sport, Lezyne Alloy, Serfas TCPG, Serfas FP-200 and Pedro’s Prestige also scoring well. The Joe Blow Sport has a double head to accommodate both presta and schraeder valves, and a firm locking lever that keeps the head securely on the valve. It was rare that we didn’t get a great seal immediately. Additionally, the pressure gauge was easy to read and the base is extremely heavy and stable.

This is a short presentation on what we consider to be the most important features of a good bicycle pump. If you would like to read more bike pump reviews, please click here!

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How to Find The Best Electric Bicycle Pump?

Choosing the right electric bicycle pump is important, because there is little point buying an expensive product that will get little use or choosing a less expensive model that won’t withstand heavy use. In the same way, it’s foolish to purchase a bike tire pump that requires a repeated pumping action for a person who is not able to exert the required force or energy.

bicycle pump 6You will find quite a few dedicated electric bicycle pumps. Most electric bicycle tire pumps available on the market are multi-purpose devices which can inflate your car, the children’s swimming pool, and other larger inflatable products that requires inflation.

Be very careful when selecting your bicycle tire pump. Some multi-purpose pumps are not suitable for the lower pressure of a bike tire. Using the incorrect type may lead to a really expensive blown out inner tube.

Valves of the bicycle inner tubes are either Presta or Schrader. Schrader are usually much more frequently used on motor bikes and vehicles, while Presta are generally found on bicycles. The best choice is to buy an electric pump that supports both, especially if you plan to use this as an multi-purpose pump not only just for your bike.

schrader valve and presta valve

Make sure that your select a bike tire pump that features a pressure valve, so you’re able to maintain excellent tire pressure on your bicycle. A really practical element is a car cigarette lighter plug, so that you can take the pump while traveling and use it before you’ll set out on your cross-country route.

Best Rated Electric Bicycle Pumps

Black & Decker ASI300 Air Station Inflator

bicycle pump 5Highly effective and portable, the Black & Decker ASI300 Air Station Inflator is the portable answer to household and on-the-go inflation needs. An excellent illuminated pressure gauge offers you precise control, by having an automatic shut off feature to make inflation easy. The ASI300 draws power from any household outlet or your vehicle’s lighter socket is all you need in order to set it up where you need it.

Campbell Hausfeld RP4100 120-Volt Inflator

bicycle pump 7Having a compact, powerful design this tire pump is perfect for your household or workshop. The Campbell Hausfeld RP4100 120-Volt Inflator pumps up tires and also sporting equipment easily and quickly. This valuable useful device plugs into any standard 120-volt outlet and includes a sturdy handle for easy portability.

Viair 00073 70P Heavy Duty Portable Compressor

electric bicycle pump 2This is a great 12 Volt compressor for light to medium inflation jobs. It is smaller than average and packs perfectly inside the included bag. You just need to connect it to your cigarette lighter power post, 12 Volt; pressure 100 PSI; Stainless steel Braided Leader Hose. Anodized Aluminum Alloy Cylinder, Automatic Reset Thermal over load protector.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Electric Bike Pump:

Below you can find a list with the advantages and disadvantages associated with an electric bicycle pump and the type of user the pump is most suitable for.


• Has a pressure gauge
• Does not require pumping action
• Efficient
• Accurate
• Simple to use


• Requires a power source
• Comparatively expensive
• May require valve adapters

Recommended User:

• Recreational users
• Amateurs
• Semi-professionals
• Professionals
• Users not able to perform pumping action

How Much do Electric Bicycle Tire Pumps Cost?

You will find there’s a wide price range. Definitely you can expect to pay under $75 for a heavy-duty, multi-function electric pump that is portable, or claims to be. A lot of models are available at well under $50, however it is recommended that you read expert reviews on sites such as Amazon before you make your final choice.

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Bicycle Pump Review – Topeak Road Morph G Bike Pump with Gauge

Morph™ technology packs bicycle pump efficiency and ease of use into a compact, portable design you can bring along for the ride.

bicycle pump 8The really cool feature of this pump is that several portions of the pump are movable (morph-able), making it more convenient for emergency pumping on-the-go. The handle, which is held in place by turning the handle until it clicks into the barrel, pivots 90 degrees, allowing the user to use his/her body weight to pump when the pump is held against the floor. This is advantageous because it allows more force to be generated, less arm strength be used, and less energy be expended by the user when pumping tires. The foot pedal pivots 90 degrees from the base, allowing the user to hold the pump in place using his/her foot while pumping. After unhooking the head of the hose from the hook, the head can actually be pulled out, exposing about ~3 inches more of rubber hose, allowing the user better reach the valves on the tires. The pump head adapters can also fit both Schrader and Presta valves by flipping the two rubber/plastic adapters.

bicycle pump 9This  bicycle pump is very useful and it’s portable. Topeak Road Morph G attaches to the bike frame with the supplied flexible mounting. You can screw on the mounting, if your bike frame has that capability – or you can  mount it using the supplied other mounting hardware.

Also nice at this bicycle pump is the fold out foot rest and extension tube, which make for an easy pumping action. And of course, the handy little pressure gauge.
The key feature of this pump is that the pump head is connected to the main pump by a short section of rubber tubing. This lets you put the end of the pump on the ground after locking the head onto the tube valve. Then, you can use your body weight to do the pumping as with a floor pump, which is very nice. A short, plastic foot swings down so you can use your foot to keep the bottom end of the pump from slipping as you pump.

Product Features

  • Portable on-the-go bike pump with padded T-handle
  • Foldout footpad stabilizes the pump against the ground
  • Flexible air hose works with awkward or tight valve placements
  • Extra-long barrel; inline gauge and secure mounting bracket
  • Presta/Schrader head with plastic thumb lock; weighs 0.49 pounds

Morph technology in a road pump. Extra long barrel gives huge performance. Includes in-line gauge.


Presta/ Schrader/ Dunlop Valves


Butted Aluminum


In-line Gauge, Reads 140 psi/9.6 bar

Thumb Lock



T-Type Plastic/Kraton


160 psi / 11 bar

Added Features

Fold-out Foot Pad
Flexible Hose
Centerline Mount Bracket

Size (L x W x H)

35 x 5.7 x 2.8 cm
13.8” x 2.2” x 1.1”


220 g / 7.74 oz ( w/ gague)

Find more bicycle pumps here.

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Bicycle Pump – Another Great Website

While surfing the net I found an amazing blog about cycling and cycling related activities.

bicycle pump 11I wanted to share with you this incredible blog so I added it as my favorite blog of the week. The site is “Evans Cycles” and it is just a great blog that reviews a large variety of cycling related issues. I will definitely going to visit this site again, because it is a great website, with plenty of useful information regarding news, reviews, places to ride, cycling events, mountain biking, road cycling, cyclo-cross and so on.

bicycle pump 12Have fun reading this blog and don’t forget: if you have a flat you NEED a bicycle pump. Your tires will thank you! :)

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Bicycle Pump – Topeak JoeBlow X.O.

The Topeak Joe Blow XO Floor Pump, in all honesty, looks awesome! Aside from the looks thought, tire inflation has never felt so good.

bicycle pump 13

This bicycle pump is made with highly polished aluminum, and features an oversized base mounted gauge, SmartHead ThreadLock technology and a pressure release button for hassle-free inflation. Topeak’s Joe Blow Pro X.O. is sleek, durable and it fills your tires with ease. It quickly inflates tires thanks to its all-aluminum construction and its SmartHead tightly grips both Presta and Schrader valves. The X.O. uses a long braided metal hose and an oversized, tubular handle that make every pumping job easy. And, you’ll also appreciate the large, easy-to-read gauge.

bicycle pump 14This pump is well build, strong and the best of all with good material. The gauge is as advertised, very easy to read, plus you have constant pressure reading upon pumping, and the mutliple nozzle is an art on it self. The whole pump is very light, but when it’s place on the floor, it is easy to handle and pumps volume in one single stroke, due to the long shaft.

Topeak, job well done with the design and production of this item.

bicycle pump 15
Click here to watch a video presentation of the product.

Product Features
• Type: floor pump
• Head: SmartHeadTM ThreadLock
• Pump-Compatible Valves: Car Valve
• Pump-Compatible Valves: French Valve
• Material-Cylinder: Aluminium
• Includes ball/bladder needles and Dunlop valve adapter.

Product Description
• Type: floor pump
• Head: SmartHeadTM ThreadLock
• Weight: 1700 g
• Pressure Gauge: yes
• Maximal Pressure: 14 bar
• Pump: Compatible Valves:
Car Valve
French Valve
• Material:
o Cylinder: Aluminium
o Foot: Aluminium

Anybody that likes a good and quality product, this is clearly done in the production of this fantastic “Joeblow” metal bicycle pump.

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Bicycle Pump – Lezyne Road Drive Pump

Lezyne Road Drive Pump is THE pump to get if you ride a road bike. This Lezyne high pressure bicycle hand pump is very light, quick to set up and delivers air efficiently for its small size.

bicycle pump 16

Like the majority of Lezyne products the Road Drive Pump is a high-quality bicycle pump, made entirely of aluminum for precise and lightweight construction. With it’s size of 283 mm for the large version and 216 mm for the medium version, Road Drive Pump is not really a mini pump, but it’s also to small for a frame pump, although it comes with it’s own alloy bottle-cage mounting bracket. This pump fits inside the seat post itself, and is held in place with some adhesive based hook and loop fastner (very easy to install).

bicycle pump 17

The flexible hose that connects the pump to the Schrader/Presta valve is reason enough to buy this pump. You will be amazed at how little effort you can get the tires to be rock hard. While this isn’t as speedy as CO2 inflator, you will prefer it since it’s reusable. The ABS switch is wonderful. ONE simple press removes the pressure from the pump and hose, allowing you to easily screw the hose off of the valve without worrying about either ripping the valve core out or losing any of your hard-earned air. The barrel, handle, piston, end caps and pump mount are all custom CNC machined. Both ends of the CNC-ed aluminium pump are protected by rubber caps to stop road gunk getting inside and the connecting hose screws securely inside the handle.

The pumping itself is not difficult. It’s almost as easy as a floor pump. You will get get a 700x23c tire up to 110psi in 150 strokes. 50 more will get you up to 120psi.

bicycle pump 18

If you’re going to frame-mount the pump, than chose the size Large- it’s still not that long. If you stuff your pump in a pocket then consider the shorter version. With 20% more inflation power than a typical bicycle pump, this Lezyne pump is the ultimate hand pump when weight and performance matter.

If you ride a road bike, and a pump is your primary means of inflation, get one of these!

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Bicycle Pump – My Favorite Blog of the Week

I just found this great blog while surfing the net and couldn’t resist adding it as my favorite blog of the week. The site is “Single Tracks” and it is just a great blog, that reviews a large variety of mountain bike related issues.

bicycle pump 19I will definitely going to visit this site again, because it is a great website, with plenty of useful information regarding cycling, events, mountain biking, tires, bicycle pumps.

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Bicycle Pump – RockShox Shock Pump

This RockShox high pressure bicycle pump works perfectly, as it has an elongated tip, which is helpful if your valve is slightly receded (even after turning all the way the shock height adjustment ring, which surrounds the valve). It is easy to attach and use, and gives consistent pressure readings.

bicycle pump 20

This bicycle pump connects easily, the gauge is very accurate and easily to read. Keeps the pressure up while you are removing it from the shock. There’s virtually no leakage on disconnect.
This is a quality made shock bicycle pump easily delivers the high PSIs needed to tune certain forks and has a very durably constructed.

Product Features
• Durably constructed
• Easy to attach and use
• Very accurate gauge

Anybody with a full suspension bike requiring a high pressure bicycle pump for the rear should buy this immediately. You get so much more from the suspension when you have the tools to tune it. Highly recommended.

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Bicycle Pump – CO2 Inflators

What can be more annoying than getting a flat tire several miles into your ride? and having to inflate your new or repaired tire with a bicycle pump… Instead, you can use this Lezyne Alloy Drive CO2 Inflator to pump up your bike tire in seconds.

bicycle pump 21

Like all Lezyne products this CO2 inflator is also of high quality and very well made. A 100% CNC machined aluminum CO2 inflator with an integrated cartridge storage canister for safely storing a CO2 cartridge. The canister body also insulates from cold during inflation. The Trigger Valve Operation allows for easy and precise controlled inflation. The Twin Chuck head threads directly onto Presta and Schrader valves for secure valve engagement. This inflator is compatible with all CO2 cartidges, threaded and unthreaded.

bicycle pump 22

You can either buy a frame pump that attaches to your bicycle, a mini pump that fits in your backpack or a floor pump that stays at home. But it is never too much to get extra safety…so buy this beautiful and fairly light CO2 inflator and put it in your backpack… you’ll be back riding in minutes.

Product Features
Size: One Size | Color: Red
• Accepts all CO2 cartidges, threaded and unthreaded
• Lathed and high-speed CNC finished aluminum cartridge canister
• CNC machined 7075 aluminum body and hardened stainless steel puncture-pin
• Lezyne Smart-Thread assembly threads directly to Presta or Schrader valves
• Triggered operation for precise inflation

Find more bicycle pumps here

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