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Avenir Flo Dual Mini Bicycle Pump

Avenir Flo Dual Mini Pump is an excellent little bicycle pump, well made and intelligently designed. It’s really quick, nice and small, and grips the valve stem nicely. This space saving bike pump can be used with both Schrader and Presta type valves – it’s possible to switch between the different types with no further adjustments. A locking level is easily flipped to secure the connection.

bicycle pump 35Keep your bike tires fully inflated regardless of your valve type with the Avenir Flo dual mini bike pump.

The pump boasts a two-way auto head that’s compatible with both Schrader and Presta valves, making it an ideal choice for people who own more than one bike. Other features include a T-handle mounting bracket that attaches securely to your bike frame, a 6036-T6 alloy body with a CNC alloy locking lever, a co-molded Krayton-covered handle for comfort, and a silver/black color.

Avenir by Raleigh is the premier bicycle accessory line from legendary Raleigh Bicycles.

Product Features:

  • Dual mini bicycle pump for inflating multiple tire types
  • Compatible with both Schrader and Presta type valves
  • T-handle mounting bracket attaches to your bike frame
  • 6036-T6 alloy body with CNC alloy locking lever
  • Col-molded Krayton handle; silver/black color

Avenir Flo Dual Mini Pump is a super convenient mini bicycle pump… it’s a very good value, what you get for the price!

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