Bicycle Pump: Best Bike Pumps - Reviews and Guide 2017

Best Floor Pumps Guide & Reviews 2017

A floor bike pump is perfect for garage and bike shop use. It functions via a hand-operated piston and provides high-capacity air-filling power.


4.7 Star Rating
Performance Bike Floor Pump By Vibrelli
4.6 Star Rating
AerGun X-1000 Bike Pump By AerGun
4.4 Star Rating
Topeak Sport II Floor Bike Pump By Topeak
4.3 Star Rating
Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump By Serfas
4.3 Star Rating
5 in 1 Floor Pump With Gauge By Schwinn

Several bicycle pump companies manufacture pumps and pump parts using plastic, rubber, metal alloys, wood and even leather. Cheaper pumps are made of plastic constructions with rubber fittings. Better pumps are fabricated from a plastic and metal alloy construction mix, with rubber fittings. The upper-class pumps have replaceable hoses and the worn parts can be exchanged.

Each floor bicycle pump has a barrel and a base.  The barrels can be made of aluminum, steel, CNC machined aluminum, Double in aluminum and the bases are fabricated out of nylon, Steel, CNC machined aluminum , Iron cast , Aluminum, Techno-polymer, Thermoplastic resin.

A floor bicycle pump can have a simple valve pump head or a twin head and the pumping capacity can vary from 75 psi / 5 bar up to 120, 160 psi, 200 psi, 220 psi, 16 bar / 230 psi, 260 psi. The weight of a bicycle pump is very different as well, for example a bicycle pump may weigh  3,1 kg, 1.35 kg / 2.98 lbs., 3.0 Lb., 160g, 1450 g, 2.2 kg, 1.8 kg, 1,3 kg, 880 g.

The handle can be manufactured out of painted natural wood or technopolymer resin with soft grips. The hose length can be: 1100 mm / 43”, 800 mm / 32”, 1225 mm / 48”, 600 mm / 23.6′ and the height 710 mm / 28”, 620 mm / 24”, 630 mm / 25′. The gauge diameter can also vary: 50 mm / 2”, 100 mm / 4”, 80 mm / 3.2 ”, 63 mm / 2.5”. The connection can be made through Z-Switch or Z-Flip head system with aluminum lever.


  • Powerful and efficient, especially for heavier individuals.
  • Can fully inflate tires to recommended pressure.


  • Large and heavy. Not portable,for home use only.

Topeak Joe Blow XO Floor Pump

The Topeak Joe Blow XO Floor Pump, in all honesty, looks awesome! Aside from the looks thought, tire inflation has never felt so good.

bicycle pump 13This pump is made with highly polished aluminum, and features an oversized base mounted gauge, SmartHead ThreadLock technology and a pressure release button for hassle-free inflation. Topeak’s Joe Blow Pro X.O. is sleek, durable and it fills your tires with ease. It quickly inflates tires thanks to its all-aluminum construction and its SmartHead tightly grips both Presta and Schrader valves. The X.O. uses a long braided metal hose and an oversized, tubular handle that make every pumping job easy. And, you’ll also appreciate the large, easy-to-read gauge.

This bike pump is well build, strong and the best of all with good material. The gauge is as advertised, very easy to read, plus you have constant pressure reading upon pumping, and the mutliple nozzle is an art on it self. The whole pump is very light, but when it’s place on the floor, it is easy to handle and pumps volume in one single stroke, due to the long shaft.

Topeak, job well done with the design and production of this item.

bicycle pump 15Click here to watch a video presentation of the product.

Product Features:

• Type: floor pump
• Head: SmartHeadTM ThreadLock
• Pump-Compatible Valves: Car Valve
• Pump-Compatible Valves: French Valve
• Material-Cylinder: Aluminium
• Includes ball/bladder needles and Dunlop valve adapter.

Product Description

• Type: floor pump
• Head: SmartHeadTM ThreadLock
• Weight: 1700 g
• Pressure Gauge: yes
• Maximal Pressure: 14 bar
• Pump: Compatible Valves:
Car Valve
French Valve
• Material:
o Cylinder: Aluminium
o Foot: Aluminium

Anybody that likes a good and quality product, this is clearly done in the production of this fantastic “Joeblow” metal bicycle pump.

Watch a great review of this floor bike pump done by the guys from Performance Bicycle.

Topeak’s JoeBlow Pro Floor Pump

Topeak’s JoeBlow Pro Floor Pump offers outstanding performance and super durability. It never fails and fits both Schrader and Presta valve stems. Has a large, easy to read dial gauge and a bleed-valve to get your pressure exact. SmartHead is awesome – no more stupid adapters for presta valves (which contributed to leaks while inflating with other pumps).

bicycle pump 41This bike pump features a top-mounted gauge with a pressure release button for perfect inflation. A padded ergonomic elastomer handle adds ease and comfort to your task. Smarthead technology means you never have to swap parts, as the head knows whether you have a Presta or Schrader valve. This pump includes ball and air bladder needles.

bicycle pump 42Here’s some extra features that I thought might be useful:

  • this bicycle pump does feel really sturdy, it’s almost entirely metal, even the casing around the pressure gauge. It’s also very stable on the ground.
  • the pressure gauge is up high on the pump stem, so it’s that much easier to see
  • this floor bicycle pump has great features like a very accurate pressure gauge, so you know when to quit pumping, ability to pump up volleyballs and the like, easy to push handle even when pumping above 100 psi, hose is long enough to reach the valve stem regardless of position of the bike tire, nice handle lock for storage and ability to release air if you pump too much
  • it’s almost effortless, it’s heavy, it’s chrome, it’s solid
  • totally built to last

Product Description:

Topeak Joe Blow Floor Pumps

  • Color              Silver
  • PSI                  PSI
  • Hose Length     43ins

Product Features:

  • SmartHead
  • 160psi/11 bar Pumping Capacity
  • 1.35 kgs / 2.98 lbs
  • High Performance
  • Weighs 1.35 kilograms
  • Dimensions: 30 x 10.5 x 5 inches;

Buy this bicycle pump just one time…you won’t be disappointed with this pump!

Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Floor Pump

Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Floor Pump is a REAL bicycle pump.

bicycle pump 32This floor bike pump has a full capacity of 160 psi, can be used on both Schrader and Presta valves. The adjustable pointer makes it easy to see how much more pressure is required. The filling head is designed so that you can disengage it with only one hand. Grab it like a pistol grip, then pull it away from the valve as your thumb moves the lever to the center.

Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Floor Pump is very sturdy steel (even the base) and the gauge is pretty accurate and the double ended connection head (each end for Schrader and Presta) makes connection quick. To connect the head to the valve, you have to hold your finger tightly over the opposite open side of the head or else while you are pressing down to seat the head on the valve, the pressurized air already in the tire will leak out the other end of the connection head, up until the valve is finally locked onto the valve with the locking arm. The locking arm closes the entire valve pathway around just the valve you want to press air into.

topeak-sport-ii-floor-pumpThe pump construction looks to be fairly durable. The metal base stand is thin stamped metal, but the pump is very easy to use. A few quick pumps is all that you need to inflate the tires. There’s no noisy compressor to run, and it doesn’t require electricity or energy other than human strength, which is also great for the environment.

Here are some advantages of the Topeak Joe Blow Sport II:

– All metal base, very stable
– Air valve level is also metal
– Wide handle with a rubber grip
– Comes with bladder and ball adapters
– Pump has a place to store both adapters
– Head is able to fit any valve

Product Features:

  • Double-sided twinhead TM works with Presta and Schrader valves
  • Extra long hose with 360 degree pivot
  • Barrel – Painted Steel
  • Gauge – Base Mount Analog
  • Steel base provides stability
  • Over sized handles provide comfort
  • Capacity – 160 psi / 11 bar
  • Base – Hardened Steel
  • Added Features – Ball/Bladder Heads, Hose Dock
  • Size (L x W x H) – 13.7 x 25 x 67.5 cm
  • Weight – 1.4 kgs / 3.09 lbs

There are better pumps out there for more money, but for this price Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Floor Pump is a 5 stars bicycle floor pump.

Here you can find other great Topeak floor pumps at Discount Prices!

Serfas FP-35 Floor Bicycle Pump

This lightweight pump works well on bicycles and sporting equipment. The gauge is easy to read and is a good buy for home use. The build quality is very good, the portion of the pump that attaches to the valve has two different sizes available.

bicycle pump 39Serfas FP-35 Floor Pump features an accurate gauge that is easy to read. The valve secures tightly using the lever. It only takes a few pumps to increase about 15 psi.
This pump has it all: 160 PSI capabilities, oversized gauge, and dual head valve. With a lifetime warranty, this will be the last pump you ever buy.


• solid construction – it feels pretty sturdy, and it’s not as flimsy as other similarly priced floor pumps
• large pressure gauge – the gauge is very easy to read
• the seal is decent
• separate ports for Presta and Schraeder valves
• price – this pump is around $10 cheaper than other pumps that don’t even have an air gauge


• None.

Product Features:

• Dual Valve pump head accepts Presta and Schrader
• Durable metal barrel and Nylon base
• Ergonomic handle
• Oversized and easy to read gauge
• Comes equipped with ball accessory attachments

Product Details

• Weight: 1 pounds

Bicycle pumps have come a long way. This is a great product at a great price.

Serfas TCPG Floor Bicycle Pump

Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump has it all: 160 PSI capabilities, oversized gauge and simple valve. Serfas has produced an amazing bicycle pump that has made pumping bike tires so easy you can’t imagine how you lived without it. The seal is easily achieved with any of the valves. Easy, fast, smooth and great with the Presta and standard valves…it works perfect on them.

bicycle pump 36Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump is light weight, strong, and pumps fast… around 5 PSI per injection. For the price Serfas TCPG Bicycle floor pump would be tough to beat. The air gauge is readable while you’re pumping, there’s a red button that you can put at the desired PSI and that makes it much easier to know when you’ve hit 110.

Product Features:

• Simple valve pump head – fits both Presta and Schrader valves
• All metal barrel and nylon base
• 160 PSI capacity
• Equipped with ball and accessory attachments


• The base actually does a great job of keeping the pump solidly upright
• The gauge is easy to read, and actually is accurate
• The coupling easily fits Presta and/or Shrader valves- no fumbling, no connect, disconnect to get a good fit
• The construction is solid
• It pumps! It really pushes some good, forceful air.

With a lifetime warranty, Serfas TCPG bike pump will be the last pump you ever buy.

Here is a short review of the Serfas TCPG Pump. Enjoy!

Blackburn AirTower 2 Bicycle Pump

The Blackburn Air Tower 2 is one of the best bicycle pumps… it is very similar to the AirTower 1 but has some structural upgrades.

bicycle pump 29This bike pump has a new oversized T-handle, that provides a comfortable grip, and features storage drawers at both ends for patch kits, tire levers and included ball needle adapters.

bicycle pump 30Blackburn AirTower 2 has a stamped steel based that has been welded to the barrel. Wider and longer than the AirTower 1 it provides a wobble-free platform for pumping. Still the biggest feature of the AirTower 2 is all-new AnyValve Head that automatically detects between Presta and Schrader valves. Blackburn also addresses the fact that occasionally those valves can be slippery and placed a “overdrive” lock mode to ensure that the valve head stays on the valve. The gauge of the AirTower 2 is a new diaphragm style which is more resistant to damage but still extremely accurate. The base of this floor pump was designed in Blackburns state-of-the-art test lab. It is constructed from a glass-reinforced nylon fiber and is actually stiffer than many metal bases.

bicycle pump 31Blackburn AirTower 2  is easy to use on both Schrader and Presta valves with no problem and no air leakage. The gauge is quite easy to read and there is a movable marker that one can set to the required pressure. Blackburn AirTower 2 Bicycle Pump is definitely worth the price even if not discounted. A good, general floor bicycle pump to keep at the home garage or cottage.

Watch a video review of this bicycle pump here.

Product Features:

• Steel barrel and welded steel base for maximum stiffness and stability
• Ergonomic T-handle with storage on both ends
• New Presta/Schrader AnyValve head
• Max pressure 140psi
• Lifetime Warranty

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