Bicycle Pump – Floor Bicycle Pumps

A floor bike pump is perfect for garage and bike shop use. It functions via a hand-operated piston and provides high-capacity air-filling power.

bicycle pump 54Several bicycle pump companies manufacture pumps and pump parts using plastic, rubber, metal alloys, wood and even leather. Cheaper pumps are made of plastic constructions with rubber fittings. Better pumps are fabricated from a plastic and metal alloy construction mix, with rubber fittings. The upper-class pumps have replaceable hoses and the worn parts can be exchanged.

Each floor bicycle pump has a barrel and a base.  The barrels can be made of aluminum, steel, CNC machined aluminum, Double in aluminum and the bases are fabricated out of nylon, Steel, CNC machined aluminum , Iron cast , Aluminum, Techno-polymer, Thermoplastic resin.

A floor bicycle pump can have a simple valve pump head or a twin head and the pumping capacity can vary from 75 psi / 5 bar up to 120, 160 psi, 200 psi, 220 psi, 16 bar / 230 psi, 260 psi. The weight of a bicycle pump is very different as well, for example a bicycle pump may weigh  3,1 kg, 1.35 kg / 2.98 lbs., 3.0 Lb., 160g, 1450 g, 2.2 kg, 1.8 kg, 1,3 kg, 880 g.

The handle can be manufactured out of painted natural wood or technopolymer resin with soft grips. The hose length can be: 1100 mm / 43”, 800 mm / 32”, 1225 mm / 48”, 600 mm / 23.6′ and the height 710 mm / 28”, 620 mm / 24”, 630 mm / 25′. The gauge diameter can also vary: 50 mm / 2”, 100 mm / 4”, 80 mm / 3.2 ”, 63 mm / 2.5”. The connection can be made through Z-Switch or Z-Flip head system with aluminum lever.


  • Powerful and efficient, especially for heavier individuals.
  • Can fully inflate tires to recommended pressure.


  • Large and heavy. Not portable,for home use only.

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