Bicycle Pump – Foot Bicycle Pumps

This type of pumps are often not specifically designed for bicycle use. They are really designed mostly for cars, but they do work well with mountain bikes, because they have large low-pressure tires. Because they are designed for cars they fit schrader valves. If the bicycle has presta valves in order to use the pump is required a small brass reducer.

bicycle pump 48Someone who rides a mountain bike would want to consider this type of bicycle pump.

Foot bike pumps are designed to be pumped with the foot. Most of them come equipped with a tire gauge so that the user can see how much he or she is inflating the tires.


  • They are cheap
  • Are designed to be pumped with the foot, so the effort required for inflating the tires is smaller than by a hand bicycle pump


  • They are designed for cars so if the bicycle has presta valves a small brass reducer is required in order to use the pump
  • They do not generate very high pressures so don’t work well for narrow road bike tires.

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