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CO2 Bike Pump – An Addition to Your Bike Pump

First, a bit of advice: always carry a bicycle tire pump in addition to your CO2 inflator. The CO2 inflator is really ideal for when hand pumping starts to get difficult as pressure builds in the tire, but not by itself. Your ride, your comfort, and your endurance will all be far better if you’re better equipped.

bicycle pump 25You will need the hand pump to start out the tube, and should use it to quickly do a pumping until it starts to get hard to move the pump, THEN use the CO2 inflator for the hard part. By using the hand pump first, you can inflate the tire fully using only one cartridge instead of two or three.

A road tire will pump up to 100 psi on one cartridge, one shot, on a warm day.
On a cold day, below 40F, the cartridge pump could be almost useless.
Know also that this pump is compatible with every kind of cartridge except 12 gram threadless, which are hard to find except for the air rifle cartridges that contain silicon. But they work best with 16 gram threadless, so you can use handle and all.

The locking switch is a great improvement over an old CO2 inflator, which didn’t have this feature, so that you can still use that bit of air that may be left in a partially used cartridge.
You have to be careful with this type of inflator. You can easily over fill your tubes! This isn’t the product’s fault, it’s the user. Give it a quick one or two bursts with the trigger and check the pressure before you inflate it any more. This inflator will take both threaded and non-threaded CO2 cartridges. If you use threaded cartridges you do not need the lower portion of the inflator which means you can pack even lighter.

bicycle pump 25

Innovations Ultraflate Plus CO2 is easy to use with built in safety feature and trigger inflation. Works with ALL Genuine Innovations CO2 refill cartridges (except 45 gram).

Comes with one 16g non-threaded CO2 cartridge.
Fast fill, just put a go! You never stop cycling for flat tire. Is easy to use and it is priceless when you can go many miles without worries to stop and end your trip because have a flat tire.

Product Features:

• Uses Genuine Innovations’ Trigger Control Technology
• Push on for Presta and screw on for Schrader valves
• Safety lock prevents accidental discharge
• Designed for the rider who demands a higher end CO2 tire inflator;
Size/ Weight: 128mm x 32mm x 52mm, 5.039 x 1.259 x 2.043,2.57 oz; 73 grams
• High strength glass-reinforced nylon, brass valve internals

Watch here a full video review of this CO2 inflator, but remember that you should always carry a tire pump with you!

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