Bicycle Pump: Best Bike Pumps - Reviews and Guide 2017

Mini Bicycle Pumps

Lighter and shorter hand bicycle pumps (about 10 inches) are called mini pumps.
Mini bicycle pumps are a small version of the hand pumps. These are extremely inexpensive and can be mounted on a bike without causing any interruption to the frame. While mini pumps come in many different styles and designs, they all function in the same basic method.

bicycle pump 49Mini bicycle pumps are very efficient space saving devices. Mini pumps can be easy to use but do not inflate your tires as quickly as frame or floor pumps. They are appropriate for short rides or races in which pump weight is important. Mini pumps generally do not have tire pressure gauges, but you can buy a separate gauge.


* Small and light, often 1/4 to 1/2 pound. Can be carried at all times.


* Slow and requires more effort. Full tire pressure might not be achievable.
* Unless a flexible hose is used, the pump is fixed directly to the tire valve. If the pump is not held steady when pumping, it is possible to damage the valve stem with too much movement.

bicycle pump 50With mini bicycle pumps you run into the same issue as with a frame mounted pump, the higher the PSI the more challenging it is to pump.

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