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Review Schwinn Aluminum Frame Bicycle Pump

The Schwinn Air Expander frame pump is a elegantly looking crafted bicycle pump.

bicycle pump 37Lightweight, efficient, and affordable, this bicycle pump keeps you inflated on the road and at home. With a 100-psi capacity, Schwinn Aluminum Frame Pump is perfect for inflating bicycle tires, stroller tires, and any other small pneumatic wheels you may use. Schwinn Aluminum Frame Pump is very easy to install on the bike and comes with extra long screws so that you won’t come up short on installation even if you have extra accessories.

This versatile pump is able to pump both Presta and Schrader valves, and still is able to have additional adapters attached to the head of the pump. When mounted on a bicycle or stored in a glove compartment fear of being stranded due to low pressure becomes a thing of the past.

bicycle pump 38Thoroughly tested, Schwinn Aluminum Frame Pump lasts through years of use before it’s recommended for replacement, ensuring safe cycling for years to come. This is a nice looking pump, especially for the price. The bronze color gives it a nice high-end feel to it. Feels solid in the hands. The handle is comfortable and the design seems to work well.

Schwinn Aluminum Frame Pump has a handle that you can change angle for your needs!

• Lightweight aluminum alloy frame pump
• Comes with frame mounting bracket and Velcro strap
• Dual nozzle accommodates Presta and Schrader valves
• Ergonomic “T” handle makes inflating easy
• Capacity: 100-psi

You can read here how to use a Schwinn Aluminum Frame Pump… and don’t under-estimate the Schwinn Aluminum Frame Pump…this small, space saving bike pump it’s a great investment and a great safety tool.

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