Review Serfas FP-35 Floor Bicycle Pump

This lightweight pump works well on bicycles and sporting equipment. The gauge is easy to read and is a good buy for home use. The build quality is very good, the portion of the pump that attaches to the valve has two different sizes available.

bicycle pump 39Serfas FP-35 Floor Pump features an accurate gauge that is easy to read. The valve secures tightly using the lever. It only takes a few pumps to increase about 15 psi.
This pump has it all: 160 PSI capabilities, oversized gauge, and dual head valve. With a lifetime warranty, this will be the last pump you ever buy.


• solid construction – it feels pretty sturdy, and it’s not as flimsy as other similarly priced floor pumps
• large pressure gauge – the gauge is very easy to read
• the seal is decent
• separate ports for Presta and Schraeder valves
• price – this pump is around $10 cheaper than other pumps that don’t even have an air gauge


• None.

Product Features:

• Dual Valve pump head accepts Presta and Schrader
• Durable metal barrel and Nylon base
• Ergonomic handle
• Oversized and easy to read gauge
• Comes equipped with ball accessory attachments

Product Details

• Weight: 1 pounds

Bicycle pumps have come a long way. This is a great product at a great price.

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