Review Topeak JoeBlow X.O. Bicycle Pump

The Topeak Joe Blow XO Floor Pump, in all honesty, looks awesome! Aside from the looks thought, tire inflation has never felt so good.

bicycle pump 13This pump is made with highly polished aluminum, and features an oversized base mounted gauge, SmartHead ThreadLock technology and a pressure release button for hassle-free inflation. Topeak’s Joe Blow Pro X.O. is sleek, durable and it fills your tires with ease. It quickly inflates tires thanks to its all-aluminum construction and its SmartHead tightly grips both Presta and Schrader valves. The X.O. uses a long braided metal hose and an oversized, tubular handle that make every pumping job easy. And, you’ll also appreciate the large, easy-to-read gauge.

This bike pump is well build, strong and the best of all with good material. The gauge is as advertised, very easy to read, plus you have constant pressure reading upon pumping, and the mutliple nozzle is an art on it self. The whole pump is very light, but when it’s place on the floor, it is easy to handle and pumps volume in one single stroke, due to the long shaft.

Topeak, job well done with the design and production of this item.

bicycle pump 15Click here to watch a video presentation of the product.

Product Features:

• Type: floor pump
• Head: SmartHeadTM ThreadLock
• Pump-Compatible Valves: Car Valve
• Pump-Compatible Valves: French Valve
• Material-Cylinder: Aluminium
• Includes ball/bladder needles and Dunlop valve adapter.

Product Description

• Type: floor pump
• Head: SmartHeadTM ThreadLock
• Weight: 1700 g
• Pressure Gauge: yes
• Maximal Pressure: 14 bar
• Pump: Compatible Valves:
Car Valve
French Valve
• Material:
o Cylinder: Aluminium
o Foot: Aluminium

Anybody that likes a good and quality product, this is clearly done in the production of this fantastic “Joeblow” metal bicycle pump.

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