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Review XLC High Pressure Shock Bicycle Pump

This shock bike tire pump offers higher pressure capabilities than other pumps and features an intuitive design to prevent air loss when disconnecting the pump.

bicycle pump 40It is able to reach up to 400 PSI, and features a flexible steel-braided hose that rotates around to help you get to the shock fittings without any trouble. It has a two-stage valve attachment, which allows you to attach and detach the bicycle pump without that initial loss of air pressure thanks to the separate center valve screw on the pump end.

Here is the correct way to attach the pump:

1. Unscrew the pink center knob of the valve attachment all the way out.
2. Screw the outer gold ring first onto the Schrader valve, make sure you don’t turn the pink knob.
3. Once the gold outer ring is securely threaded onto the Schrader valve, then go ahead and dial in the pink screw to open the valve itself.

The connectors are well crafted and articulate to any position allowing you easy access to the valve. It’s a very high quality bicycle pump, with a metal braided tube, a nice valve system to minimize the loss of air when attaching or detaching the pump, and a useful pressure release button.

Product Description:

Capable of reaching up to 400 psi. Aluminum components w/ synthetic material grip and outlet valve. Safety valve prevents pressure loss.

Product Features:

  • XLC High Pressure Shock Pump 400 PSI!
  • Suspension/Shock Pump Capable of reaching up to 400 PSI !
  • Aluminum components w/ synthetic material grip and outlet valve.

This pump works great, it’s small enough to stuff into the backpack and it is recommend for all bicycle riders.

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