Top 5 Best Selling Bicycle Pumps

We tested five of the top selling bicycle pumps in five different categories that we believe make the difference, if you are deciding to buy the best bike pump for your needs: design, comfort, portability, durability and last but not least, ease of use.

1. Design

Coming in with a great score in this category is, not surprising, the Lezyne Alloy floor pump. The guys from Lezyne constantly provide a clean, modern look, a very important feature when designing their stunning products, and the Alloy isn’t any exception to this rule. It really is minimal simplicity at its very best. An anodized high-polish finish makes this pump stylish and durable. The sleek, wooden handles are uncommon and although the hose is pretty long (130 cm), it fastens directly into position in such a manner that it keeps it perfectly flush with the body of the pump, making the Lezyne Alloy Floor Drive Pump the most streamlined from the group.

bicycle pump2. Comfort

The Topeak Joe Blow Sport II scored a perfect 10 here. It has an extra long hose with 360 degree pivot and molded plastic handles, that actually made a great difference when we used it repeatedly. More challenging on the wrists and hands were the solid wood handles of the Lezynes.

bicycle pump 1Ease and comfort are also necessary when you consider a pump’s height, as we discovered with the Serfas TCPG. While the TCPG bike pump features great handles, it’s a relatively small floor pump, which meant that we were bent over more when using this model. Perfect for travel, but not as nice as the taller Pedro’s Prestige or the Joe Blow.

3. Portability

One of the lightest and smallest models that we tested was the Serfas TCPG and it was also great for travel. This bicycle pump tucks easily into cars, tents, and also in bags. In addition to its modest dimension, it is tough enough to handle all this travel. Although it is not one of the smallest or lightest, the Lezyne Sport Drive is also great for travel due to the sleek, self-contained design and style. The hose remains securely in position, and the gauge dial is actually sturdy enough in order to withstand getting tossed into a vehicle together with all your other equipment.

bicycle pump 24. Durability

Fortunately, you have many choices here in the collection that we tested, with almost all products scoring pretty well in the sturdiness and durability category. Some standouts are, once again, the Topeak Joe Blow and the Lezyne models – Alloy and Sport. All three of these bicycle pumps endured inflation after inflation, getting thrown in and out of the cars for road trips, and some minor bumps and spills. Their gauge needles continued to be accurate, the hoses flexible, and the bodies ding-free. Other top performers are the Serfas FP-200 and the Blackburn Air Tower.

bicycle pump 35. Ease of use

This was our heaviest weighted classification for testing, and includes all the aspects that may make you think positively, or better yet, not think at all, about using your bicycle pump. How easy is it to read the gauge? How stable is the base? Does it seal properly onto the tire valve? All of these aspects come in the ease of use category, and all eventually contribute to exactly how easily and quickly the pump will inflate.

bicycle pump 1The winner in this category was the Topeak Joe Blow Sport II, with the Lezyne Sport, Lezyne Alloy, Serfas TCPG, Serfas FP-200 and Pedro’s Prestige also scoring well. The Joe Blow Sport has a double head to accommodate both presta and schraeder valves, and a firm locking lever that keeps the head securely on the valve. It was rare that we didn’t get a great seal immediately. Additionally, the pressure gauge was easy to read and the base is extremely heavy and stable.

This is a short presentation on what we consider to be the most important features of a good bicycle pump. If you would like to read more bike pump reviews, please click here!

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