BOOCOSA Bike Floor Pump Set 10 in 1 Review

Looking for a high performance bike pump to improve your riding experience? The need for properly inflated tires cannot be overemphasized for a comfortable and safe ride and this is why you need to pick only the best bike pump in the market. This is one of the top selling full bike floor pump kits on all major online stores and for many good reasons.

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The BOOCOSA Bike Floor Pump comes with a complete premium set of tools including a phone holder, glueless patch, spanners, bicycle cable lock, tire lever, screwdrivers, and extra valves. This means you don’t have to hop form one store to the other looking for these accessories. These are just some of the features that make this excellently designed bike pump a good buy.

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Design & Style

If you are a cycling freak then, you must know how important it is to properly inflate your bike tires so that it gives you an optimum performance throughout the journey. We all know that correctly inflated tires are crucial for both performance and safety. The Boocosa bike pump set offers you a complete pump kit like no other manufacturer has provided before. Below are the most important characteristics of these bike tire set:

It is specially designed for heavy-duty inflation and withstands repeated use. This is a versatile choice featuring both Schrader and Presta valves which not only makes it easy to use but also highly reliable. The easy-to-read accurate pressure gauge is a godsend for biking enthusiasts who understand the hassle of filling bicycle tires accurately. There is an extra-long hose and the user can easily switch from high volume to high pressure pumping in second.

The high pressure head pump ramps up the efficiency level of this pump by filling your bike tires up to 200 PSI in a matter of minutes. Unlike other bike pumps in the market, the head pump here is innovatively constructed to avoid leakage from the bicycle’s valves. The amazing bike pump is automatically compatible with both Presta or Schrader bicycle valves which saves you the trouble of buying an adapter; no more fiddling with adapters when you need to use this bike pump.

Like most riders, you are most likely worried about durability of your pump. Well, the BOOCOSA Bike Floor Pump Set 10 in 1 boasts a strong steel barrel that will serve you forever. Little wonder then that this bike floor pump is highly rated in all customer reviews. If you are serious about performance and safety when riding, this is the bike pump you need.


This floor pump has everything you need for your bike: tire lever, glueless patch, phone holder, bicycle cable lock,  screwdrivers, spanners, extra valves and more. So, you don’t need to shop here and there to get them, which saves you some valuable time. Considering the fact that it comes with a premium set of tools, you will be more than pleased to own this pump.

The easy to read pressure gauge allows you to inflate the tires with the desired pressure through an extra long hose which can be switched from high volume to high pressure pumping the air without difficulty. In this regard, this is the best bike pump so far in the market!

Do you own a bike pump with lower quality pump head? Why not switch to a pump with a top quality pump head that fills your bike tires up to 200 PSI within minutes? The high-quality construction of the head engages and then disengages with bicycle valves to avoid any air leakage.

So, how good is this bicycle pump? The company has briefly described out product features that will surely make you buy a BOOCOSA bike floor pump. Let’s take a look:

1. Extraordinary Kit:
The premium kit offers higher value of money than any other products in the market.

2. Durability:
It is designed with a strong steel barrel that will serve you for a lifetime.

3. Readable Pressure Gauge:
This affordable floor pump has an accurate and easy to read pressure gauge.

4. Easy to Operate:
If your current bicycle pump is unable to take maximum pressure and you are running out of breathe or your hands are getting sore during the inflation process, put that useless pump away. The Boocosa floor pump is the solution for all your anxieties.

5. UNISEX Bike Pump:
It can be used by male and female bikers efficiently.

6. No Air Leakage:
The company ensures of no air leakage experience during pumping your bicycle tires.

7. More Than Just Bike Pumps:
You can conveniently use this pump while inflating footballs, soccer balls, beds, strollers and much more.

8. Great to be Gifted:
One of the best things about this particular pump and its accessories is how cheap it is. Go and get it for yourself or as a gift for a biker friend. It is definitely a wonderful gift for all occasions.

Nozzles and Valves

Another great advantage of this bike tire pump is the fact that you don’t need valve adapters to switch from one type of valve to another, as this pump is automatically compatible with both. Why to waste so much time finding or switching adapters for pumping Presta and Schrader valves? The Boocosa bike floor pump is compatible with both of them.

This innovative floor pump is the only one available on the market that comes with an accurate, easy to read pressure gauge, long hose and base, solid handle, high performing pump head all in a premium kit. So if you are searching for a bike pump that allows you to feel its quality when you hold it, this Boocosa floor pump is one of them. Make sure you have not been fooled by purchasing a knock off product.


The Boocosa Floor Bike Pump is made with top quality materials and components. With a low maintenance you should be able to keep it  functioning for many years. The pump has the following dimensions: 28 x 7.9 x 7.5 inches, so it’s a firmly product and the quality of every item is remarkable.

Pressure & Inflation Speed

As mentioned above this floor pump is easily compatible with both Schrader and Presta valves. Its long hose allows you to get to the bike valves easily and it takes only 4 minutes more or less to fill both bicycle tires!

Cost Optimization

The Boocosa floor pumps are well made and price worthy. The product might be a little higher in price, in comparison with other available products, but if you are considering the accessories this can be a great deal. The phone holder probably costs around $8, the lock around $10 and the screw driver set at least $10. In conclusion the Bicycle Floor Pump By Boocosa is not expensive if considering everything else.

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Customer Reviews

In its line of top rated bike pumps, the BOOCOSA Bike Floor Pump Set is a product that is extremely appreciated by everyone. Customers have rated positively the pressure display feature and think that is quite safe to see the rate of pressure while inflating the tires. Clients are also satisfied with all the great stuff contained in the kit from the password locker, to the phone holder, screwdrivers… almost everything you needed for your bike tire pumping.

Customers do also appreciate the fast and secure shipping. The company provides free shipment all over the USA and it will reach to you safely within 2-3 business days. The return policy is also a great plus. The company holds a 30 day return policy, starting from the checkout date. For easy returns, a RMA number is required and without it no return order shall be processed. You need to message them your RMA number so that your return order request is initiated. If you receive any deteriorated pieces, then make sure you pack them in their retail package for easy returns along with the detailed description of the problem. Return shipping fees are applicable and non-refundable. If you are unable to follow any of the above guidelines, then the company reserves the right to decline any returns.


The BOOCOSA Bike Floor Pump Set 10 in 1 is made with high-quality components and materials. Since this pump comes with an accurate, easy to read pressure gauge, wide base, long hose, solid handle, high-performance pump head and a premium pump kit, it makes sense to get this superior bicycle pump!

Our Rating
  • 9.3/10
    BOOCOSA Bike Floor Pump - 9.3/10
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