3 Cheap But Efficient Mini Bike Pumps

You have a bicycle, but the tires are flat. It will be a nuisance literally. Then what to do? Obviously, you need a tool that might help you get rid of this situation. A bike air pump is there to serve you in this regard. This tool inflates your bike tires with right air pressure in order to keep them in a good state.

When it comes to using a bike pump, every type has its own system. Depending upon the type you are using, there might be a different efficiency level to use that pump properly. A mini bike pump, also known as a handheld pump is another widely available model.

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Buy Cheap Mini Pumps Online

You can check out different retail stores online for the best prices of mini or handheld pumps. Some of the high-quality products are listed here:

Kolo Sports Mini Bike Pump with Tire Repair Kit

This mini bike pump is great to be used on the go. Made with a lightweight durable aluminum alloy, this product also comes with a mounting bracket. So, you will have no hassles in attaching it to your bike frame. This one is also dual valve compatible, so any bike that has Presta/Schrader valve, the pump will inflate the tire wonderfully.

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Life On Mini Bicycle Tire Pump

Again, this mini and portable bike pump is Presta & Schrader valve compatible. It is best for road and mountain bikes. It easily switches between Presta and Schrader valves without hassles.

This awesome micro bike pump gets you back up and riding in no time. The 100 PSI capacity gives you enough power to inflate your bike tire during an emergency, or you can simply use it to keep the tire pressure up during long rides. Comes ready to use and needs no assembling.

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Genius Mini Bike Pump With Frame Mount And Ergonomic Handle

A versatile mini bike pump that is capable of producing pressure up to 120 Psi with an easy to read gauge design. It features a compact design that consumes minimal space and also comes with a designated frame mount. So, you can easily mount it on your bike frame without any hassles. With this mini hand pumps you will get for FREE a LED safety bicycle light that has three settings of constant, slow, and fast lighting to shine the way.

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questionHow To Use a Mini Bike Pump?

If you are looking for a less expensive option or want to carry your bike pump with you on the go, a mini or handheld pump is the best solutions. They are smaller in size and lighter in weight as well. But they are not much accurate as compared to other types, this results in reduced efficiency. For some models, you may need a separate pressure gauge and a valve adaptor. Newer versions include a foot support that makes pumping process easier.

The mini pumps that are capable of producing pressure up to 90 PSI, are suitable for comfort or mountain bikes. While the models offering 120 PSI pressure, are fastest for comfort or mountain bikes and suitable for road bikes. The ones offering pressure up to 160 PSI are perfect for road bikes.

Pros & Cons of Mini Pumps:


Compact in size





They are less efficient

No pressure gauge

May be sometimes inaccurate

Who Should Use a Mini Bike Pump?

A mini pump is basically an appropriate solution for:

  • Recreational users (Mountain Bikers etc.)
  • Amateur users or Semi-Professionals
  • Anyone on the move

Valve Compatibility

Valve is one of the major components of a bicycle pump. While purchasing a suitable pump for your bike, it is important to check the valve compatibility. In general, Presta and Schrader are the most common types of valves. Schrader valves are that models you may be most familiar with. You can find them on cars and on the cheap bike tires. High end bicycle tires are inflated through a Presta valve, a type of valve expressly designed for bike tires. Presta valves are excellent for bike wheels because they require a smaller hole in the rim, which improves the rim strength, they are also lighter and are easily extendable with adaptors.

Nowadays hand bike pumps are available with dual valve head system that supports both styles. So, whatever kind of valve your bike has, it automatically adjusts to it and fits best to your bike tire.

Note: Nowadays many mini bike pumps are available with a built-in hose. This prevents the deterioration on the valve system and increases its efficiency.



These are only a few examples of cheap bike pumps you can find online. Mini pumps are simple, small and light bike pumps that are mounted on the frame of a bike and can be carried in a seat bag or a pocket. If you want to enjoy your ride and are looking for a simple and inexpensive way to make sure that you have always got a bit of air to pump up your tire or fix a flat on the road, a mini pump or a frame mounted bike pump is your best option.

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