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Cycling is now more popular than ever and if you are thinking of joining the ever growing number of bikers, it is important to come fully equipped. To get the most out of a riding experience, you have to safeguard your comfort and safety. One way of doing this is by always riding with the correct tire pressure. This is easier said than done considering that flat tire emergencies are almost inevitable.

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Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this in the form of a high performance CO2 inflator. While bike pumps are more popular, the modern rider wants a more flexible and lightweight solution for flat tire emergencies and this is exactly what you get with a bike inflator. There are many bike inflators in the market but the CO2 Inflator by BriskMore which is Presta and Schrader valve compatible beats them all for many good reasons.

The innovatively designed CO2 inflator is suitable for use with bicycles, road bikes, motorcycles and mountain bikes.  This has made it one of the top selling bike inflators on all online marketplaces. If you are looking for the best CO2 inflator for a better riding experience, this BriskMore product is exactly what you need.

Design & Style

The classic, compact, durable, and lightweight design and style is one of the things most customers cite in reviews. Unlike the bulky bike pumps in the market, bikers now have a versatile solution to the frustration caused by flat tire emergencies.

The CNC precisely machined and heat-treated aluminum alloy and alloy steel guarantees strength and durability which is what every biker needs. You don’t have to worry about damage to your bike inflator when on the road.

Another outstanding design feature is the simple control valve which allows for easy set up and use. The innovative valve head is compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves which is a godsend to cyclists who had to waste time with valve switches. It is a small and perfectly designed bike inflator which you won’t mind carrying with you every time you hit the road.


What makes this CO2 Inflator by BriskMore so popular? It all boils down to an impressive range of features packed into one small package. These include:

  • Rubber foam sleeve: This is available with the 16g cartridges only and it protects the user’s hands from frost bite when using the pump.
  • Aluminum alloy and alloy steel construction: The body of this CO2 inflator is not only aesthetically appealing but the sturdy material also guarantees a long life for your pump. The CNC precisely machined and heat-treated material assures durability of your pump.
  • Simple and reliable control valve: This is easy to use and most customers rate this as one of the reasons they would buy this bike pump again.
  • Innovative valve head design: This fits both Presta and Schrader valves which saves users a lot of time and energy that would have been wasted switching valves. The inflator head is also design for use with all UNF3/8 CO2 cartridges (12, 16, 20 and 25g). It is the easiest to use bike inflator in the market and little wonder then it is a top seller.
  • Efficient valve connection: Using a leaking pump is even more frustrating than the flat tire itself. It is for this reason that the CO2 Inflator by BriskMore employs washers to seal the threaded connection ensuring no leakage. This in turn ensures fast tire inflation and saves energy.
  • Three additional spare washers: If the original washer is not effective any more, you have 3 extra ones to use for a tight and leak-free connection.

These features in combination boost the performance of this bike pump. The CO2 inflator is designed with speed and efficiency in mind and this is why customers love the product.

Nozzles and Valves

Nozzles and valves will always determine how effective a bike pump is and with this CO2 Inflator by BriskMore you are in luck. The innovatively designed valve head system makes it easy to use with Presta and Schrader valves. The addition of the washer system makes this a leak-proof inflator and of course the inflator head easily fits to a wide range of cartridges. With the easy to fit and use control valve, a biker will be on the road in no time.


This bike inflator is convenient to carry around any time you are out or a ride. It is lightweight and compact as seen in the specifications below:

  • Product Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.4 x 0.6 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1.4 ounces

You can easily store this inflator in your bag and enjoy a ride knowing fully well you have backup in case of a flat tire emergency.

Pressure & Inflation Speed

When evaluating a bike pump, fast inflation and efficiency should be top on your list. With this CO2 Inflator by BriskMore, you are guaranteed of easy setup, fast inflation speeds, leak-proof valve connection all guaranteeing you get back to riding quickly.

Cost Optimization

With this high performance yet affordable CO2 inflator, you save money in the long run. The durable aluminum alloy and alloy steel construction minimizes any form of damage to your pump thus saving you repair and replacement costs.  The innovative valve head makes this inflator compatible with Presta and Schrader Valves which saves you the cost of buying adapters.

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Customer Reviews

Customers which used this CO2 inflator are fully satified with their purchase, rating the product with 4.5 out of 5 stars. They consider this device one of the simplest bike inflators they have used. So if you really love riding, the CO2 Inflator by BriskMore should always be in your bike bag. It is versatile and you will find it very useful especially during group rides due to its flexible valve head design. BriskMore outdid itself in this one and and you will certianly will not buy any other inflator any time soon.


Compact, lightweight, convenient, durable and fast; these qualities make the CO2 Inflator by BriskMore stand out. So confident is BriskMore, about the product’s design and manufacture that they offer a full refund or a replacement and lifetime warranty. If you love riding, this is a handy tool that is going to make your riding even more fulfilling.

Our Rating
  • 9.1/10
    BriskMore CO2 Inflator - 9.1/10
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