CO2 Inflator By Pro Bike Tool Review

Even if you are not an avid cyclist you should invest in a CO2 inflator. Why? This small and lightweight tool will pump up your flat tire in seconds. ThePro Bike Tool CO2 inflator stands out for its simple one-handed operation system and the quick tire inflation and these are just two of the reasons why the Co2 inflator by Pro Bike Tool is top rated by customers.

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Design & Style

PRO Bike Tool is a new company of passionate cyclists who wants to deliver premium cycling tools, which are built to last. These tools are made out with passion by cyclists for cyclists and are manufactured from superior quality materials. Save your money and invest in the best. Why should you waste money on a cheaper CO2, that could fail when you have now a better alternative?
The CO2 inflators by Pro Bike Tool are made from strong aluminum alloy, are unbreakable, extremely small and light, lighter than a hand pump, are easy to put in your back pocket and they can get you back on your bike quickly providing excellent and reliable tires, filled in seconds. Moreover, they are CNC machine checked and heat absorbent.

Unlike other inflators, this device is nice and stylish, most inflators available on the market are bulky and ugly. You can find amazing reviews from the buyers who are in love with this solid product, that can be perfectly fitted in your saddle bag or cycling jersey/pocket.

Othet great features of this product are the one hand operation and 1-turn valve system and the twin valve head threads (onto Presta and Schrader valves). These Co2 inflators are safe and secure, they possess a threaded connection for threaded CO2 cartridges creating a tight seal, ensuring NO leaks. They are reliable and very simple to control thanks to the lever operation, which is far better than other unreliable trigger systems. For threaded cartridges, you need a threaded connection, which creates a tight seal, so no CO2 can be leaked from the inflator. The device also includes a Rubber EVA foam sleeve, so no  more frozen fingers when operating.


Pro Bike Tool CO2 powered inflators offer you fast and convenient results and are best suited for faster tire fills. But what happens if you have just a limited supply of CO2? To avoid this unpleasant situation cyclists carry 2 cartridges with them, the second one is obviously for spare purpose. A decent CO2 tire inflator is designed to carry a fitted cartridge along with a spare one. In order to get an optimal performance, test your bike inflator at home before you actually try it at the roadside.

But one of the biggest advantage of this bike tire inflator is the fact that it is compatible with Presta and Schrader valves, so you don’t need to swap the valve heads. The CO2 is released regularly, so you have full control over how much air you put in the tires. The machined aluminum alloy construction ensures that this bike inflator is designed to last over the years.

Nozzles and Valves

Many of the CO2 powered pumps have nozzles that work with both Presta and Schrader in a number of ways. Some models have a universal nozzle while others feature attachment options. If you have a bike with Presta valves then you should definitely use a Pro Bike Tool air inflator with Presta valves.

The next important aspect you should consider is the size of the cartridges. Threaded and non-threaded cartridges can have a different impact on the overall performance of your tires. Some bikes require a 16g cartridge to give a decent pressure on the tire. On the other hand, the mountain bike tires can easily be filled with a 12 g or 16 g cartridge.


The Pro Bike tool CO2 powered inflators are really small and compact measuring only 1.38 x 1.02 x 2.05 inches. They are designed either in a way that they can be attached to a frame of under the seat bag or they can be placed in a pack to be used when needed on the road. They can also be fitted with ease next to the water bottle.

Pressure & Inflation Speed

The inflators with CO2 are specifically designed for fast tire inflation when you get a flat on your ride. If you need to fix your tire at home or in a workshop then you can opt for any other bicycle pump type, both will do the same job.

Therefore, applications depend on the system and the type of tires; some are specifically designed for bicycle tires (Presta connectors only) while others are for car and motorbike tires.

These tire inflators are easy to use, but you should be aware of the regulator button and an on/off mode. You can only control the amount of CO2 going into the tire, but you can’t adjust the rate. You need to experiment with your tire whether it has an appropriate amount of gas, so that it may not burst or be over filled.

Cost Optimization

Generally, a decent CO2 inflator is not expensive. The only cost comes from the cartridges and that depends on how often you will use one. If you are using them every weekend, then you are likely to spend more on an inflator than on a ordinary bike pump.

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Customer Reviews

The customers reviews regarding this inflator are very impressive. However, some clients find the foam insulation a bit thin and the inflator valve difficult to open.

Another big plus for this inflator is the fact that the Pro Bike Tool company is happy to provide a refund or a replacement of the product. So, this little CO2 inflator is a great product for all the cyclists and people are happy to use it on the road.

Because CO2 leaks much faster than air, you should inflate your tires with air at home. Use this product only in emergencies and read the informative directions as well. This little monster works like champ and it is very handy on roads.


So, whether you are a professional mountain rider or a cycling commuter, you deserve the best. For the best CO2 inflator selecting the Pro Bike Tool Inflator is the wise decision. If you have not used them yet, go and get your bike upgraded now.

Our Rating
  • 9.4/10
    Pro Bike Tool CO2 Inflator - 9.4/10
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