Fox Racing Shox Shock Pump 027-00-007 Review

Are you into mountain bike riding? Maybe you love another form of bike racing? Whatever the case, you appreciate that these special bikes require special attention due to their unique construction. One of the most outstanding features for bike racers is the shocks system. To many people, they are just another feature to make a bike look more attractive but this is not so.

Mountain bike shocks form an integral part of the suspension and it is thus crucial to maintain air pressure in them at the ideal levels.  If you want to get the most out of your biking experience, you should include the best Shock Pump in your tool kit. While there are many shock pumps in the market, the Fox Racing Shox Shock Pump 027-00-007 stands out form the competition and for many good reasons.

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This is a high pressure 150 Psi bike pump boasting made using the expertise of highly experienced engineers at Fox Racing. This is one of the top brands in bike racing appliances and it is no wonder that most customers are giving rave reviews for the product. If you are looking for a comfortable and more productive riding experience, you need a high performance and high speed shock pump like this.

Design & Style

If you are looking for a high quality shock pump for your racing bike, this is a compact and lightweight product whose quality aluminum construction makes it sturdy and aesthetically appealing. This is versatile shock pump with a nice visible gauge and this is one reason most customers are raving about the product.

Gone are the days when you had to endure miserable rides due to insufficient air in your bike air shocks. With this highly flexible shocks pump, you have a flexible solution which you can carry around for any ride. The accurate air pressure gauge guarantees there is no risk of over-pumping which not only protects your shocks but also boosts your riding experience.


When shopping for an air shock pump, you have to consider how suitable for your needs is such a model. You want to buy a shock bike pump that is easy to use, flexible, versatile, fast and durable. To guarantee all these qualities, look at the features that make up the unit. For the Fox Racing Shox Shock Pump, some of the outstanding features include:

  • Air pressure release valve: This is one of the most outstanding features cited by cyclists who have already used the pump. The air pressure release valve allows for easier tuning and you will be done with the process in no time. There is no time wastage which is common with most products in this category and setting up is easy and convenient.
  • 360 degree rotating hose: This is added for comfort when using and again, this guarantees easier and more convenient application. Looking at most customer reviews, you will realize this is one of the strengths for this pump.
  • Quality body construction: This bike shocks pump is built to last and this is the reason more people are opting for it as opposed to other similar products in the market. The metal construction is durable enough and you won’t have to worry about damage to parts or replacement of some parts.
  • Quick release: This is one of the features which make this bike shock pump a favorite with users because it guarantees no pressure is lost during application when connecting/disconnecting. This is exactly what a biker needs in order to get back to their riding experience.
  • Lightweight: At only 0.45 lbs, this is a tool which you can easily mount on your bike’s frame and carry around when riding. It won’t impact on your riding experience in any way.

Nozzles and Valves

The Air pressure release valve allows quick release and is compatible with Fox Float/II AirShox.  Users find it easier to set up and use valve system without the need for tedious and complicated adjustments. Whatever your bike type, shock air adjustment has never been easier than this.


This is a compact and small shock pump albeit one that packs a big punch. Its measurements are:

  • Package Dimensions: 9.9 x 3.1 x 0.8 inches
  • Products weight: 4 ounces

These measurements make the Fox Racing Shox Shock Pump one of the smallest shock pumps in the market. However strenuous your biking trail, this pump will hold tight due to its small size.

Pressure & Inflation Speed

This shock bicycle pump is highly efficient because of the reduced chances of leaks. It is classified as a 150 PSI Max shock pump by the manufacturer meaning you will find it easy to use and get on your way. The correct air pressure gauge means you don’t end up messing your bike due to the fast speed pumping capacity. Setting up is easy and once you have set up the valve, a few easy pumps will get the job done.

Cost Optimization

This is one of the most affordable shock pumps in the market and it is a cost-effective measure for your bike’s care and maintenance. It saves you the cost of repairing damaged shocks and its sturdy construction also guarantees no costly repairs or part replacement is required.

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Customer Reviews

Customers are very satisfied with this high quality shock pump, rating the product with 4.6 stars out of 5. They appreciate the sturdy construction, the fact that it is very small, but also very easy to operate. When connecting or disconecting the valve, it allows very little leaching of air, which is great. The compact, lightweight construction and the fact that it fits well on the bike are also valuable features. The Fox Racing Shox Shock Pump 027-00-00 works perfect and it costs half the price of a Harley Davidson pump. You should definitely try one.


Your bike’s suspension system is very important especially on rough terrain. By using the high performance, accurate and reliable Fox Racing Shox Shock Pump 027-00-00 you will enjoy a better riding experience however rough the terrain seems. It is easy to use, efficient and durably constructed. This is the ultimate shock pump for the daring biker.

Our Rating
  • 9.4/10
    Fox Racing Shox Shock Pump - 9.4/10
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