Fineed Hand-Held 12V Electric Mini Air Inflator Review

Fineed Hand-Held 12V Electric Mini Air Inflator is the next generation air pump. This new patented product is absolutely perfect for bicycle riders. You don’t need to spend your time anymore standing and waiting for service stations and air pumps. This new invented electric bike pump is rechargeable and ready to use. With an internal battery and AC/DC adapter and a charging cord you can use it anywhere and anytime, because it never runs out. It can be charged through your car’s cigarette charging port. Higly recommended by an impressive number of customers, Fineed Air Inflator must be your number 1 choice.

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Design & Style

This rechargeable battery powered device is really great and it’s truly a portable inflator. One of the most impressive features of this product is the enhanced LCD display. It is designed in such a way that you can read it even at night. Also unique and sleek is the pumps case and on top of that it is extremly portable compared to other bicycle pumps.

Extremely versatile with easy to use features, this air Inflator has the strength of a large compressor, making it one of the best choice among electric pumps. You can use it also for pumping big basketballs, swimming rings, bicycle, motorcycle and car tires.


Fineed’s electric inflator comes with an AC/DC adapter and a power source of 12 volts that you can easily get from your vehicle’s lighter socket. It has a lithium battery that can be charged from a 110 Volt home charger and it takes only 15 minutes to inflate a flat car tire.

A great feature of this electric pump is the fast charging option, which is really useful because it takes only 1.5 hours for the pump to get a full charge. This electric pump needs only 2 minutes to fully inflate a bike tire and 3 minutes to do the same job for a motorcycle tire. The inflating pressure ranges from 80 PSI to 150 PSI, so this device is suitable for car, bicycle and bike tires as well (does not support truck tires).

A very useful feature is the auto-off option. You can set the pressure and the pump will automatic stop when the desired pressure is reached. It also includes 2 LED flashlights with LCD display with backlight, so it is extremly easy to read even at night. The device provides 4 pressure units PSI, bar, KPa and Kg/cm2, so you can use the one you wish.

With a full range of accessories and excellent after sales service, Fineed air pump is indeed on of the top electric bicycle pumps available on the market. This pump gains also in portability. It’s extremly easy to carry, because it weighs only 1 pound. The carry bag, AC/DC charger and a valve adapter are also very welcome features.

This Electric Mini Air Inflator is a “life saver” in case you are dealing with any kind of emergency. Equipped with 4 powerful batteries and a built in 500mAh life, it can inflate a flat tire without connecting to an external cord.

Nozzles and Valves

This electric air Inflator has a standard nozzle, but it works also on presta valves for track bikes, because it comes equipped with Presta valves accessories togheter with the inflator. It can also inflate basketballs and soccer balls, swimming rings and other inflatables, making it extremily versatile among other bike pumps.


This rechargeable battery powered device made out of stainless steel measures 7.8 x 2.2 x 1.8 inches and weighs only 1 pound. This truly a portable inflator.

Pressure & Inflation Speed

Depending on the desired pressure inflating bike tires with the Fineed hand held electric air Inflator takes only 1-2 minutes, making this electric pump one of the best option for cyclists on the go. The device can pump to 150PSI and accuracy is +/-0.5PSI, so it is suitable for bicycles, motorcycles, cars an other inflatables. If you do not feel like hunting around the gas station for inflating your tires, then this Fineed air Inflator is the best electric pump and a perfect solution for you. With a rechargeable feature and an easy carrying, you can truly rely on it.

Cost Optimization

The Fineed Hand-Held 12V Electric Mini Air Inflator is one of the best tire inflator for most cyclists, because it offers great performance in a user-friendly, durable, and affordable package. It is one of the quietest and quickest electric pumps, it has easy to read-2 LED flashlights, a LCD digital display with backlight and a stainless steel body that contradicts its affordable price.

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How to Use Fineed Hand-Held 12V Electric Mini Air Inflator

Here are some important steps that you should follow while using this electric inflator.

  1. First screw the tube into the hole located at the bottom of the inflator.
  2. Press “UNIT” and the LCD display will get activated.
  3. The rate of pressure can be set through pressing “- “ or “+”. You need to select and attach the desired nozzle.
  4. Press the “Power” button to inflate the tire to the desired PSI, once it reaches the set pressure it automatically shuts OFF.
  5. For recharging, you can attach it to the cigarette lighter.

Important Notes while Handling Fineed Hand Held 12V Electric Mini Air Inflator:

  1. Please read the manual of instructions carefully.
  2. Connect the inflator with thr car charger instead of connecting with the wall socket while pumping something, as the output of wall socket does not reach to the required current.
  3. Make sure you charge it once the battery gets low, frequent charging is not suitable for battery life. Ideally, after inflating 2 bike tires and 1 car tire you should charge it again and for the first use it is better to fully charge it.
  4. To avoid air leaking, screwing the valve tightly is compulsory.

Customer Reviews

So far, customers have praised this product overwhelmingly and the reviews are amazing. It is not primarily used for inflating tires, but people are using it for pumping their pool toys, bikes, car tires and other inflatables. Overall, Finned after sales service is excellent and people really appreciate the concept. It is lightweight, easy to use and the portability features have made this product the best of its kind.


Although, there are many positive features associated with this inflator, people should be careful while handling it, as it gets hot during use. Also it is not designed to be used for larger tires i.e. for trucks.

Our Rating
  • 9/10
    Fineed Portable Air Compressor - 9/10
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