How to Use the Topeak Road Morph G Mini Pump

Topeak Road Morph G Instructions

How to Use It

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First – remove the usually black, plastic cover from your tire valve – so you should be looking at a metallic, threaded valve assembly. Next, figure out if you have a Presta (narrower) or Schrader (wider) valve on your tires. To figure out which you have, google for images.

Then – adjust the pump head to match your tire valve. You have to take apart the pump head assembly and put it back together the same way as given in the picture on the packaging. Gently unscrew and take off the little metal cap on top of the pump head. Then gently pull out the black rubber piece inside, and the metal nozzle. For the Schrader valve, make sure the larger opening of this black piece is facing outward. The small opening of the rubber piece should be facing inwards, and should fit over the narrow end of the nozzle/metal piece. Having flipped the assembly, push it all back into the pump head, then screw the cap back on – you have a Schrader compatible pump head.

Next, loosen the cap on the pump head part-way, let it sit on the tire’s metal valve. Press down a little bit so that the valve goes into the tube a little bit. Then, counter-intuitively, screw the cap back up into the head assembly.
Now push the black lever at the back of the pump head so that it snaps into place at a 90 degree angle to the plane of valve.
This procedure gets you a tight join/seal between the tire valve and pump head. You are ready to pump!

To disengage, it’s easier to first unscrew the cap on the pump head till it comes off the pump head and drops onto the valve. This way there is less leakage when you unlocked the lever, and then pull off the rubber piece from the tire valve.

This is probably the best bicycle pump on the market, considering it’s small, has a gauge, works for both Schrader and Presta, has an extendable hose and the price is also awesome.

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