LEZYNE Road Drive Hand Pump Review

Lezyne Road Drive Pump is THE BIKE PUMP you should get if you ride a road bike. This Lezyne high pressure hand pump is very light, quick to set up and delivers air efficiently for its small size.

Like the majority of Lezyne products the Road Drive Pump is a high-quality bike pump, made entirely of aluminum for precise and lightweight construction. With it’s size of 283 mm for the large version and 216 mm for the medium version, Road Drive Pump is not really a mini pump, but it’s also to small for a frame pump, although it comes with it’s own alloy bottle-cage mounting bracket. This pump fits inside the seat post itself, and is held in place with some adhesive based hook and loop fastner (very easy to install).

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The flexible hose that connects the pump to the Schrader/Presta valve is reason enough to buy this pump. You will be amazed at how little effort you can get the tires to be rock hard. While this isn’t as speedy as CO2 inflator, you will prefer it since it’s reusable. The ABS switch is wonderful. ONE simple press removes the pressure from the pump and hose, allowing you to easily screw the hose off of the valve without worrying about either ripping the valve core out or losing any of your hard-earned air. The barrel, handle, piston, end caps and pump mount are all custom CNC machined. Both ends of the CNC-ed aluminium pump are protected by rubber caps to stop road gunk getting inside and the connecting hose screws securely inside the handle.

The pumping itself is not difficult. It’s almost as easy as a floor pump. You will get get a 700x23c tire up to 110 Psi in 150 strokes. 50 more will get you up to 120 Psi.

If you’re going to frame-mount the pump, than chose the size Large- it’s still not that long. If you stuff your pump in a pocket then consider the shorter version. With 20% more inflation power than a typical bicycle pump, this Lezyne pump is the ultimate hand pump when weight and performance matter.

If you ride a road bike and a pump is your primary means of inflation, get one of these!

Our Rating
  • 9.4/10
    LEZYNE Road Drive Hand Pump - 9.4/10
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