The Secret of Electric Bike Pumps

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If you have a mountain or any other kind of bike, you would definitely need to maintain your tires in a proper condition. The well-inflated tires will give you a smooth ride without the nuisance of frequent punctures or other problems. In order to have your bicycle in such a maintained condition, a bike pump is a mandatory tool for you.


The different types of air bike pumps available on the market are:

  1. Floor or Track Pump
  2. Foot Pump
  3. Mini or Hand Pump
  4. Frame Mounted Pump
  5. Electric Pump
  6. CO2 Inflators

This guide is designed to give you an in-depth tour of the main features of the best electric bicycle pump. Before plunging into further details, first you should find out more about bike pumps and the way they actually work. In order to help you make an informed choice, we pointed out some of themain features you should look before buying an electric bike pump for your bicycle.

questionWhat Is A Bike Pump?

A bike pump is a tool that inflates bike tires. This inflation causes the tires to work properly. The pump contains compressed air. As the cylinder gets compressed, the air is pushed down into the tube and then into the tire through a valve. By pulling up the handle, the valve automatically shuts off so that the air cannot escape from the tire.

How Does An Electric Bike Pump Work?

As the name implies, this type of pump requires an electrical power source for its operations. This is usually a 12-volt compressor that fits bike tires easily and can be set to the desired pressure range. This device does not require a pumping action as the main source is electricity. When using an electric tire pump, it is crucial to set the correct pressure otherwise the tire can crack.

Most electric bicycle pumps on the market are multi-purpose devices which will inflate your car or wheelbarrow tires and anything else large that needs inflation.

Electric bike pumps normally come in 12V-120V power and are relatively inexpensive despite their abilities. These are most suitable for someone who would like to save time, but they are not very small devices.

Be careful when choosing your electric bike pump. Some multi-purpose pumps will not be suitable for the lower pressure of a bike tire. Using the wrong kind could lead to an expensive blown out inner tube.

Ensure that your electric bike tire pump includes a pressure valve, so you can maintain perfect tire pressure on your bicycle.

There are two types of electric bicycle pumps: high pressure, low volume and low pressure, high volume. High pressure, low volume pumps are designed specifically for bicycle tires and sports balls. This is because these inflatable items have relatively small amounts of air inside them that are kept at higher pressure levels. On the contrary, low pressure, high volume electric pumps are used for larger tires, airbeds, inflatable boats, and similar items that have huge amounts of air at lower pressures.

Valve Compatibility

There are two main types of valves: Presta and Schrader valves. Presta is the type that is usually found on racing bikes (or high-quality bikes), while the Schrader valve can be found on mountain bikes, kid bikes and other ordinary bike models.

Nowadays there are bike pumps that fit both kinds of valves, but the majority are designed to fit only one type. Using adapters, you can enable the pump to fit any kind of valve. Most electric pumps in the market are available with dual valve head. This valve head enables an electric bike pump to fit both types of valves.

cost-optimizationElectric Pumps In Affordable Range

If you want to invest in one of the best electric bike pumps, there is a wide variety available online. Just place your order and you will receive the product at the doorstep. Although, there are many online stores to cater your needs in this regard, Amazon is the most reliable among all and serves with an enormous range of products.

You can find a huge variety of electric bicycle pumps in the range of $10 to $30. So, you don’t need a huge budget to purchase a high-performance electric pump for tire inflation. With a little amount of money, you can have a durable inflating solution for your bike tires.

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