Bike Pump Types

It should be common practice for every cyclist to check the tires before any road trip, so even though it takes some effort to keep the tires properly inflated, doing this ensures your ride is safe and that tires last. So buying the best bike pump will absolutely guarantee you ride even more.

The Different Types of Bike Pumps

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A bike pump is one of the most indispensable and mandatory devices for both casual and serious cyclists alike. A bicycle tire pump is designed to serve a very simple purpose…to add air into the tires, ensuring these are inflated to the correct specification. To do so, you should have a bike pump for home use and another one to carry with you for emergencies or occasional use.

Other things that every bicycle owner should have are tire gauges and tire repair kits. A tire gauge is helpful so that the rider can keep track of pressure. That will warn him as to when it might be necessary to pump some extra air. A repair kit is perfect for those unforeseen instances when one might have to fix a flat.

For example, if the rider is one who participates in races, he will want to purchase a device that get the tires pumped quickly. That person might be temporarily knocked out of the race because of low tire pressure. A fast acting pump can get him back into the action so he can still ride to win.

An individual who frequents the roads will want to buy a bicycle pump that weighs very little and does not restrict his cycling. The individual will want to pick a small pump as well as he will have to mount it somewhere on the bicycle. The smallest pump that can coincide with the pressure of his tires will be sufficient. If the individual is mostly going to stay near the home, he may want to select a good, sturdy floor pump. Floor pumps can also be used for other tasks around the home.

Mountain bikers will have to consider two variables before choosing a bicycle pump. For one, the pump will need to be durable enough to withstand damage from stray rocks, tree branches, and other things on a trail. Secondly, the pump should have a design that does not hinder the person from traveling with the bike across a body of water such as a stream. Before starting the process of selecting a bike pump, the individual must have a firm grasp on what kind of riding he will be doing. It will make a huge difference.

Floor Pumps (Track Or Stand)

Several types of bicycle pumps are available to suit a bicycler’s needs. A floor bike pump is one of the more powerful types of pumps. They are mostly found in garages and bicycle shops. These are designed with a wide base which supports the pump. Are usually around 2 feet high and boast a high capacity. A floor pump has a hand-operated piston which a handle which the user pushes up and down to force air into a bike’s tires. During an upstroke air is drawn into the pump and the user pushes it into a bike’s tire through a valve connection in the down-stroke. It is more comfortable to use but bulky.These devices can handle high-pressure tasks are successful at completing jobs that other pumps cannot handle. Floor pumps are very affordable and modestly priced. They come in a wide range of materials such as plastic, aluminum, and other metals. Floor pumps are best for people who do most of their cycle close to the home. They also make excellent repair shop pumps. Floor pumps can inflate tires much faster than hand pumps.

Topeak Sport II Floor Pump

Hand Pumps

A hand bike pump is very lightweight and inexpensive. It is a great device for someone who is on a budget or is looking to conserve space and not weigh down the bike or himself. They are also excellent for young children and teenagers. Operation of this type of bike pump is very simple. These portable tire inflators feature a cupped fiber or plastic piston and during forward stroke the cup is pushed against sides of the cylinder forming a seal. The piston then pushes the air out through the other end into a tire. A double action pump seals the piston in the cylinder at both sides forcing air into a tire on both strokes.continuously pumps with his hand until the tire has been inflated to the desired pressure. The average inexpensive hand bicycle pumps can inflate a tire up to 120 PSI. However, these require much more work and pumping than the floor models.

There are two main types:

  • Tubed pump

This type of hand pump features a separate tube which connects the bike pump to the tire valve. It is cheap but inefficient due to higher risk of air leaks through multiple joints.

  • Integral pump

An integral bike pump has a hole covered with a rubber washer which fits into a bike tire valve. There is minimal chance of air leaks making it more efficient. However, there is a great risk of tire valve damage when using this pump.



Mini Pumps

Mini bike pumps are a small version of the hand pumps. They are small enough to fit into a pocket, but are capable of filling tires successfully. Available in different styles, mini bike pumps are compact, lightweight and convenient.These are extremely inexpensive and can be mounted onto a bike without causing any interruption to the frame. Mini pumps are very efficient space saving devices. They are compact, easy to use and very affordable. They are super easy to carry and will help you continue you ride again faster. It requires a bit more time and effort to inflate a tire with a mini pump, but are a great emergency solution. A mini pump is a quick fix, but not a long-term solution.


Foot Pumps

Foot pumps, also known as drum pumps, are portable devices, that can be operated where electric bike pumps may not be available. Foot pumps are not specifically designed for bikes but can serve the purpose on large mountain bike’s low-pressure tires with Schrader valves. For Presta valves you should use a valve adaptor. Some foot bike pumps feature a high air pressure cylinder and piston resulting in light and easy operation. They can be easily folded for carrying and being light-weight you will barely observe its weight. These foot pumps are also great for inflating car tires, mattresses, rubber rafts, beach balls and toys. They are designed mostly for cars, but they do work well with mountain bikes, because these bike models have large low-pressure tires. An individual who rides a mountain bike would want to consider this type of bike pump. Foot pumps are designed to be pumped with the foot. Most of them come equipped with a tire gauge so that the user can see how much air is he pumping into the tires.


CO2 Inflators

CO2 inflators are the fastest advanced devices, that can inflate a flat tire. Also known as CO2 Inflator or CO2 Bike Pump, this advanced gas pump can’t be technically considered a bike pump, because it can only provide a single shot of air. It utilizes a replaceable cartridge that contains CO2. These light and easy-to-use bike tire inflators will have you riding again in no time.C O2 inflators are amazing because they can inflate the tire in a fraction of the time, compared to the other different types of bike pumps available on the market. Racers and mountain bikers use CO2 pumps mostly because of the quick inflation time and considering the weight factor. Some CO2 bike inflators can be discarded after one use. This saves time for the individual in a race who wants to just pump and go. The negative side to the CO2 inflator is the expense. They are more expensive than the other pump types because they are made with CO2.

Electric Pumps /Digital Pumps

Electric air pumps or digital pumps are 12V air compressors specifically designed for automobile tires but can also be used with bike tires. Electric bike pumps are smaller, feature an LCD display and automatic shut off system. Some models are lightweight and can be carried anywhere, but they need to be attached to a power source. When using such a pump, it is highly important to set the correct air pressure to avoid bursting your bike tires. An electrical bike pump is a very appreciated pumping device among the riders, because it is extremely easy to use.Most electric bike pumps are multipurpose devices designed to inflate many things, such as mattresses, car tires, inflatable pools, toys and of course, bike tires. Usually they have a gauge, so that the user knows how much pressure should he use. Some models feature a function where the user can set the desired pressure and the pump will stop automatically when that pressure is reached. In most cases electric pumps inflate the tires faster then other types of pumps due to the power they utilize. These electric air pumps normally come in 12V-120V power and are relatively inexpensive despite their advanced features. These are most suitable for someone who likes to save time, but they are not very small devices. Therefore this type of pump is typically used at home and it can be quite difficult to take with you on your ride.

Mini Pump vs. CO2 inflator

Choosing the best bike pump can be tricky with so many variations in the market. If you are after a lightweight option for regular riding, there is the option of a CO2 inflator or a mini pump. While their small size makes them similar, they have unique features and functioning:

CO2 inflators

These are Gas-filled cylinders that often feature a replacement cartridge for the gas storage. Are lightweight, faster to use but the tire may go flat more rapidly. While they are small, they are not suitable for longer use unless you carry along replacement cartridges. In essence, this is a one-time solution unless you have a replacement cartridge with you.

Mini Pumps/Compact Pumps

These are hand pumps which are compact, small and light making them portable. They can be carried anywhere in a saddle bag or mounted on a bike’s frame for flat tire emergencies. With a mini pump, you can get a higher psi which is what a biker wants on the road.

Best Bike Pump Brands

recommandation1. Lezyne

Lezyne is renowned for its high quality bike accessories and the Lezyne Steel Floor Drive Pump defines how far the company has come in terms of innovation and design.

This is a top rated steel floor pump idea for recreational and serious bikers alike. It is base mounted and offers good stability for the user making it more convenient to use. It is highly recommended by outdoor enthusiast due to its nice yellow, black or red metallic sturdy look and feel. The solid machined steel barrel and varnished wood handle pop at you when you first see this pump and the fact that the piston is also made of steel assures you of its durability and performance.

If you are looking for the best bike pump the Lezyne floor pump is exactly what you need. It is compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves thus cutting the cost of buying different pumps for multiple applications. There is no plastic used in this pump and this is one of the most outstanding features.

For a longer life, the CNC-ed aluminum pump has both ends protected with rubber caps to protect against debris ruining this high quality pump. It also comes with a hose which connects the pump to the valve. The ABS2 (Air Bleed System) air chuck is among the best in the market and the easy-to-read gauge reaches an amazing 220 psi.

2. Topeak

Topeak bike pumps are renowned for their incredible construction, innovative design and high performance.

The Topeak Road Morph G Mini Pump and Topeak Joe Blow Sport II are among the company’s top products and evaluating them gives you an idea of the brand’s consistency. With these two pumps, the brand is seeking to redefine the manufacture of compact and lightweight bike pumps. The Topeak Road Morph G Mini Pump is another versatile bike pump suitable for both professional and amateur riders. Like with all products from the brand, these pumps are tested to the highest standards to ensure quality and durability.

Topeak makes portable on-the-go bike pumps which come with comfortable well-padded handles to protect your hands. Flexibility is a key consideration in the brand’s products and that includes in providing a flexible air hose, foldout footpad for enhanced strength, extra-long and durable barrel and multiple use by all types of bikes including road cycling and MTBs.

Their products are compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves which saves bikers money to buy multiple pumps for use with different pumps. The brad is renowned for high-utility, high-style products backed with over 25 years of innovation. They have won different awards including the Reddot design award, EuroBike award, Taipei Cycle Design Award among others.

3. Serfas

The Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump probably best represents what this brand is all about. This is among the bestselling floor bike pumps in the market today and for many good reasons. The pump features a unique universal valve mechanism compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves and users are guaranteed of secure locking through its flexible screw system. While Serfas is not big on advertising their brand, their products surely make up for this. Buyers rate the company’s high quality pumps and the brand’s clarion all to Bring Cycling to Life for over 24 years rings true in their products.

They have now integrated their latest E-LUME light technology to make products such as the TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump, FP-classic bike pumps, women’s bike floor pumps among others. All their high-quality cycling accessories are highly rated by customers and they keep raising the bar higher with products such as the FMP 500 bike pump. All their bike tire pumps are ideal for high pressure pumping and the durable construction of the product guarantees buyers of a long life of their purchase. The brand has gone ahead to provide the easiest to use product warranty if anything goes wrong. The company continues adding more products to its lien making it possible for all types of bikers to find a suitable item to use.

4. Pro Bike Tool

If you are looking for the best bike pump, one of the major brands you should lookout for is Pro Bike Tool.

In fact, this should be the first company you check out for the most versatile bike pumps in the market. On any review listing best bike pumps in the market today, you will most likely find a Pro Bike Tool product. The company is made up of avid cyclists who know the business of delivering high quality biking accessories having been in the industry for a long time. Among their amazing product are high pressure bike pumps with accurate pressure gauge, the most flexible mini floor bike pumps, and tire pressure gauge among others.

Pro Bike Tool bike pumps are compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves making them a versatile choice for all bikers. Users save a lot of money that would have gone into buying different pumps for different valves. This means their pumps can be used for Road, Mountain and BMX Bikes. The company has also refined their floor pumps by adding accurate pressure gauge to help users inflate tires quickly and correctly.

Their durable, compact and lightweight pumps are made from Superior quality CNC machined aluminum alloy for strength and durability. They are also leak-free products guaranteeing faster and effective tire inflation. The brand’s Refund or Replacement warranty proves how confident the company is about these biking accessories.

5. Vibrelli

Vibrelli is one of the most recognized biking accessories brands in the world. Their bike pumps and CO2 inflators including the popular Vibrelli Mini Bike Pump are top sellers on most online marketplaces.

The sports and cycling brand has refined its products by adding incredible features. Their Vibrelli Floor Pump with Glueless Puncture Kit for instance features on all top reviews due to its flexibility, fast inflation and durability. This floor pump is compatible with all valves with its innovative RAPID T-VALVE allowing quick switch from Presta valve pump to Schrader valves.

The bonus glueless emergency puncture kit also comes in handy for bikers who suffer punctures on the trail. This pump inflates to 160 PSI in no time and like all other products, there is a 15 years warranty. Customers who are looking for a more lightweight alternative have the Vibrelli Mini Pump to use which reaches 120 PSI capacity and has an ingenious Advanced “Telescope” Functionality allowing switching between high and low pressure pumping with just the flick of a switch.

The company also has the Vibrelli Performance CO2 Inflator a portable alternative to a pump which is made from precision machined aluminum alloy to guarantee durability. These products reflect Vibrelli’s commitment to delivering cutting edge solutions to bikers. Their bike accessories are flexible, durable, and compatible withall bikes. They also come with amazing warranties.

6. Schwinn

Schwinn has to be one of the most established brands in the biking industry. They not only specialize in bikes’ manufacture (mountain, road bikes, electric and hybrids) but also make some of the most amazing biking accessories including bike pumps, saddles, locks and lights.

They are a one-stop shop for bikers. Today, they are best known for their innovatively designed bike floor pumps. With more riders discovering the high efficiency of portable floor pumps, their popular Schwinn 5-in-1 Floor Pump has become a top seller across all online stores.

This is without doubt one of the most flexible bike pumps in the market with its multiple function giving buyers more value for money. This ingeniously designed pump reflects the brand’s tradition of pushing boundaries in innovation. This is not only the best tire inflator but also an invaluable tool for every home; the floor pump is compatible with all types of valves including Presta, Schrader, or Dunlop valves, balls and other inflatables. This is a stable, sturdy, flexible product which user rate highly due to the multiple functions.

Schwinn boasts over 100 passionate years of cycling heritage, and expertise and this is obvious through the high quality products they launch every time. The brand fuses aesthetics, minimalist design, latest technology and durability in all their biking accessories.

7. AerGun

The AerGun X-1000 is one of the products from AerGun and it is one of the best floor pumps in the market.

It is the perfect statement for one of the emerging brands in the biking industry. AerGun promises the coolest and the best bike pumps you can get around and it doesn’t disappoint both in design of its products and in their performance. Looking at the reviews on Amazon and other marketplaces, it is obvious that the AerGun X-1000 has won the hearts of bikers across the globe. The AerGun mini pump also delivers quite a punch for a small bike pump allowing users to get back on the road in no time.

The AerGun® Bike Pump brand was created out of frustration using available pumps in the market. For most bikers, many of the premium bike pumps end up being rubbish and yet there is nothing much they could do about until the AerGun® Bike Pump brand happened. Customers now have a versatile pump which can be used with both Presta valves to Schrader valves.

Unlike other brands which promise and don’t deliver, this small brand is keen on details and this is the reason its products have received rave reviews all over because of a simple commitment to make all customers 100% happy.


So, choosing the best bicycle pump depends on your bike model, your purpose of cycling and not least on your preferences. If budget plays an important role when buying a bike pump, you should go for a mini pump. If quality is the most important aspect, then you should perform a great deal of research before buying the best pump for your needs. The ideal situation would be to have one pump at home (a floor bike pump or an electric pump) and one pump to carry with you on your trips (a mini pump or a CO2 inflator). This way you should be able to pump up your tires no matter where you are.

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