Udyr Foot Pump, 200PSI Portable Aluminum Body Bike Pump Review

Looking for a high performance bike pump? Of course this is one of the most important tools which every rider should invest in. Now that tire punctures are unavoidable, it is important to always have this handy tool in your garage.

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If you are in the market looking for the best bike foot pumps right now, the innovatively double barrel designed and portable Udyr Foot Pump is exactly what you need. This is an incredibly fast inflation tire pump with high pressure level (200 PSI). You also get an accurate easy-to-read pressure gauge which helps protect your tires. This double compressor design makes the pump more efficient with each foot push driving more air volume. This makes this Udyr made bike pump one of the fastest in regards to tire inflation.

But there is much more about this portable bike pump which makes it stand out in this category; it is easy to use which is what every rider wants. You just need to step on the lever of your floor pump to start inflating a tire. It is more convenient and less cumbersome to use compared to the annoying hand pumps.

As a rider, you appreciate the need for speed and when you have a flat tire emergency, you want to get back on the road immediately. This is exactly what this portable foot pump allows you to do. Why wait for help during a flat tire emergency when you can carry along a timely solution?

Design & Style

The innovatively designed Udyr foot pump is made from a durable aluminum body and boasts a pressure gauge and smart valves for bicycles, motor cars, cars and electric bicycles. This is no ordinary bike pump but instead you get yourself a fast inflation solution which is convenient to use and highly efficient.

The design of Udyr floor pump is made with imported aluminum piston with iron base frame and is outstanding due to its high pressure and easy to read gauge. This design not only guarantees accurate measurement when using this pump but also ensures a longer life for the pump. The product specifications are as follows:

  • Size of foot pump: 31.7cm
  • Piston size:4.2x12cm
  • Length: 5.91inches
  • Width: 5.91inches
  • Height: 1.97inches

It is no wonder then that this is a highly rated bike pump in most customer testimonials. If you are looking for an ingeniously designed bike foot pump which is also highly efficient and durable, this is the product for you.


When buying a foot pump for your bike, it is important to look at the features which facilitate high speed, efficiency and ease of use. The Udyr foot pump stands out due to an array of amazing features including:

  • The smart valve head design: This is compatible with Presta, Schrader and Deutschland Valves making it easy can convenient to use.
  • Double Barrel design: This is a unique design which guarantees more air volume and flow for faster tire inflation.
  • Floor pump lever: This is the integral part for operation and the user juts needs to step on the lever to inflate a tire.
  • Folding and portable design: This foot pump is easy to fold and easily store for use during a ride.
  • Aluminum body construction: One of the crucial features that make this an outstanding product is the aluminum body construction which is not only lightweight but also durable.

Pressure & Inflation Speed

The Double Barrel design allows for more efficiency with every foot push delivering more air flow into the tire. This guarantees faster tire inflation which is exactly what every serious rider wants. You don’t have to waste time and energy pumping when you can already be on the road enjoying your bike ride.

The smart valve head design eliminates the need for valve head switching as it is compatible with Presta, Schrader and Deutschland Valves. This not only saves you the cumbersome task of valve changes but also guarantees the whole task is fast and more effective.

This also makes it suitable for use with bicycles, motorcycles, cars and electronic mobiles tires. You can also use the Udyr Foot Pump for air mattress pumping, soccer ball pumping, yoga ball pumping and air pumping for all other inflatables.


There is also an accurate easy-to-read pressure gauge which helps fill your bike tires to the required PSI. This not only protects the tires but also guarantees your safety when you hit the road. Many pumps in the market don’t offer this feature and this has damaged many bike tires.

Some bike trails and surfaces require a particular tire pressure setting for the optimal and safest riding experience. With this easy-to-read pressure gauge there is no guesswork anymore when inflating tires.

Other Reasons to Choose Udyr Foot Pump

Lightweight and Portable

Most foot pumps in the market are heavy and tedious to haul around. Not so with this Udyr Foot Pump with its small Piston and Pump Size. It can easily be folded for carrying and being lightweight you will hardly notice its weight. It is convenient to carry around and improves your riding experience by giving peace of mind. If you have a flat tire emergency along the way, you are covered and you won’t have to haul your bike.

It is a versatile pump choice which can also be used for mattress inflation, inflatable pools, soccer and yoga ball pumping among other inflatable items. The valve head design is compatible with Presta, Deutschland and Schrader Valves making it faster and easier to fill.

For convenience, this Udyr Foot Pump is easy to fold and carry and you will enjoy peace of mind knowing you have this handy tool with you. Unlike most bike pumps in the market, this product is built to last. The aluminum body construction not only guarantees a lightweight pump but is also able to withstand regular use and exposure to weather elements.

Quality Guaranteed

If you are worried about the quality of foot pumps in the market, you need to purchase the Udyr Foot Pump which comes with a satisfaction guarantee. The company stands behind its products because by offering free replacement or full refund in case of any issues with the product.

Udyr is highly recognized in the industry and the brand stands behind its products. For this portable bike pump, buyers get 100% satisfaction guarantee which entails free replacement or full refund if they are not satisfied with the product.

A flat tire is the last thing you want to experience during a ride but sometimes it is inevitable. With this innovatively designed bike pump you are covered any time you are out there enjoying a ride.

Cost Optimization

This pump is great in terms of cost savings; it is compatible with multiple valves and it also build to last. This saves you the cost of buying valves, repairs and parts replacement.

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Customer Reviews

The customers are very impressed by the high quality of this portable pump and the accurancy of the pressure gauge. They are also loving the fast infiltration and appreciate the double barrel design, which makes it less strenuous to use.

If you care for your bike than you will love this accurate pressure gauge, because every rider knows how crucial it is to have properly inflated tires.


This is one of the most reliable foot pumps you can find in the market. It is fast, easy to use, affordable, durable, portable and compatible with Presta, Schrader and Deutschland Valves. In case of a flat tire, you will be back on the road in no time using this bike foot pump. A high performance bicycle pump is an integral part of a good riding experience. Due to weather changes expected with seasonal changes, flat tire emergencies are common and you should be fully equipped to deal with such situations when they arise.

Our Rating
  • 8.1/10
    Udyr Foot Pump - 8.1/10
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